Cover Reveal, Forbidden Obsessions!

Forbidden Obsessions finalWell, here it is! The cover for Forbidden Obsessions!  I think they hit the tone of the story perfectly – there’s a desperate need on both Gabe’s and Olivia’s faces, and it’s something I hope my readers see as they read their story.  There is a *lot* of tension in this book, and the fact that the characters on the cover aren’t actually kissing lends itself well to that — there’s a lot of “almost” kissing in Obsessions! 😀

And if you’d like a preview of this book, you can read the first chapter here!

So…what do you think?


Scorching Book Reviews Sex Scene Championship

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Yep, that’s my name you see for Round 14! I’ve submitted a scene and hope you find it as hot as I do!

There’s a chance to win prizes, including an early copy of Forbidden Obsessions, just by voting in the different rounds.

Hope you all take the chance to read some smoking hot sex scenes…I know I’m planning on reading them all (and, okay, checking out the competition!)

I’ll be tweeting more as my round comes closer.  Vote Jodie Griffin! I promise to…, I don’t know. Keep writing sexy stuff. Does that work?!


A Taste of Forbidden Obsessions


In just three months, those of you who’ve told me you wanted Gabe’s story will get your shot. In the meantime, though, I thought I’d dole out pieces of Chapter One, a little at a time.

What, you wanted it all at once?  *Jodie channels Gabe’s inner sadist*  Sorry. You’ll have to deal with the long tease. Because, you know, the longer it gets drawn out, the better it is when it gets here…..



Chapter One


Gabe checked the clock again and frowned. He’d expected Olivia Watterson nearly an hour ago and he was starting to get concerned. What the hell had he been thinking, agreeing to allow a woman a week and a half out of the hospital to stay with him here, at his currently under-renovation bed and breakfast?

The security system beeped and he glanced over at the monitor. A small SUV was just coming up the driveway. He headed outside, wanting to be there to meet his new…what? Guest? Housemate?

He leaned against the porch railing and waited, taking a few seconds to put on his genial host face. Not that it was an act, because he genuinely enjoyed meeting new people and hosting them at his inn, but this was different. Olivia’s story had made the news, and he’d been shaken by it. As a former firefighter, he still had a lot of friends on the line, and the accident that had injured her could’ve happened to any of them. He’d agreed to this as a favor for a mutual friend, and in spite of some reservations he still had, he wanted her to feel welcome here.

She turned off her car. He didn’t think she’d seen him, because she sat for a minute, her head tipped back against the seat, her eyes closed as if she were praying. When a minute turned into two and then into three he grew worried, but as he pushed himself away from the railing, she got out of her car, looking around with interested eyes.

He came down the steps and offered his hand with a practiced smile. “Olivia?”

She smiled back tentatively and placed her smaller hand in his. “You must be Gabe.”

I’m going to RWA!

I’m so excited to be going to the Romance Writers of America national conference in Atlanta next month! I won’t be signing at the literacy signing, unfortunately (I made the decision to go too late) so I’ll be wandering around like everyone else, meeting different people.  Which will be fun, anyway! 🙂

Are you going? If you see me there, looking lost and confused, introduce yourself! Can’t wait to meet everyone!




Release Day for Forbidden Fires!

It’s here! Today is release day for my 3rd Bondage & Breakfast book, FORBIDDEN FIRES!  It’s a reunited lovers story, full of heat and fire and sexy times. When I wrote this story, I pictured Colin as Matt Passmore and Delia as Alicia Witt.  What do you think? Do those actors match your idea of the characters? Can you imagine them in the scenes from the book?

Read an Excerpt (18 and older only!) 


Purchase Forbidden Fires

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Anniversary Contest!

Today is the one year anniversary of the release of my debut novella, Forbidden Fantasies, with Carina Press. This past year has been an absolutely amazing ride for me and to celebrate it, I’m going to do a giveaway!

For a chance to win e-copies of Forbidden Fantasies, Forbidden Desires, and the not-yet-released Forbidden Fires (out 4/1), leave a comment here with your favorite “FORBIDDEN” thing…ice cream for breakfast, public sex, working in your pajamas, whatever.  I’ll put all the names in a hat and have my very own hero randomly choose one.

BONUS: If the winner is in the US or Canada, I’ll also snail-mail a copy of the print version of Forbidden Fantasies, found in The Theory of Attraction anthology.

Entries must be received by 9pm ET on Friday, March 8th, and winner will be announced on here, on Twitter, and on Facebook at that time.

And on that note….GO!



The Unofficial Blurb for Forbidden Obsessions

Some of you may have seen me squee on Twitter and Facebook that I’ve gotten a release date for Forbidden Obsessions, Gabe’s book, and it’s way earlier than I’d hoped! September 9th, 2013, and yep, it’s another Carina Press book.  I’m just getting ready to start edits on it, but thought you might like to see my unofficial blurb (the one I wrote myself, not the one that will ultimately be used on bookstore sites!):

Dominant Gabe McConnell owns Bondage and Breakfast, an inn that caters to people into kink. It’s closed for repairs after a fire, but a friend asks him to open his home to Olivia Watterson, a firefighter recovering from a traumatic accident that injured her spine. Their attraction is immediate, but Gabe knows she’s too fragile for the type of play he demands from a submissive. It doesn’t take long, however, before she gets under his skin and he gives in to his desires.

Olivia’s short-term goals don’t include falling for the sexy Dom, but she loves the way Gabe makes her feel.  They explore the basics of domination and submission, but she’s frustrated with the way he holds back, treating her like fragile glass.  Now that she’s gotten a taste of what he has to offer, she wants all of him. Can they both get past their preconceived notions to find a way to make this relationship work?

Still lots of work to be done on it yet, but September…that’s pretty soon!



A Forbidden Desires Valentine Story

I had so much fun writing a Christmas story for Alex and Jess that I decided I need to write a similar follow-up piece for Marcus and Bella, focusing on Valentine’s Day.  This story takes place after FORBIDDEN DESIRES, so please be aware it does contain spoilers. I hope you enjoy this peek into their lives!

PLEASE NOTE:  Story contains material appropriate for adults only. 18+ only, please!

A Forbidden Desires Valentine


Cover Reveal for Forbidden Fires!

Today, I’m really excited to be able to share my newest cover with you for book 3 in my Bondage & Breakfast series.  I *love* this new cover. I like that it’s very different from my first two covers. Don’t get me wrong, I loved those covers too, but this one fits the story in exactly the way I’d imagined.

And Carina Press has moved up the release date from April 29th to April 1st, 2013 (and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke…believe me, I checked!)

Without further ado, here’s Colin and Delia:

Forbidden Fires


So what do you think?



A Forbidden Fantasies Christmas Story


As my first published story, FORBIDDEN FANTASIES holds a very special place in my heart.  I wanted to revisit Alex and Jess a few months after their life-changing weekend. I hope you enjoy this peek into their lives!    PLEASE NOTE:  This story contains material appropriate for adults only. 18+ only, please!

A Forbidden Fantasies Christmas Story