The Unofficial Blurb for Forbidden Obsessions

Some of you may have seen me squee on Twitter and Facebook that I’ve gotten a release date for Forbidden Obsessions, Gabe’s book, and it’s way earlier than I’d hoped! September 9th, 2013, and yep, it’s another Carina Press book.  I’m just getting ready to start edits on it, but thought you might like to see my unofficial blurb (the one I wrote myself, not the one that will ultimately be used on bookstore sites!):

Dominant Gabe McConnell owns Bondage and Breakfast, an inn that caters to people into kink. It’s closed for repairs after a fire, but a friend asks him to open his home to Olivia Watterson, a firefighter recovering from a traumatic accident that injured her spine. Their attraction is immediate, but Gabe knows she’s too fragile for the type of play he demands from a submissive. It doesn’t take long, however, before she gets under his skin and he gives in to his desires.

Olivia’s short-term goals don’t include falling for the sexy Dom, but she loves the way Gabe makes her feel.  They explore the basics of domination and submission, but she’s frustrated with the way he holds back, treating her like fragile glass.  Now that she’s gotten a taste of what he has to offer, she wants all of him. Can they both get past their preconceived notions to find a way to make this relationship work?

Still lots of work to be done on it yet, but September…that’s pretty soon!