A Picture of Us at Work

Was challenged this morning by fellow Carina Press author David Bridger to show a pic of ourselves at work, or in our favorite place to work. I don’t have an actual office (and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll hear me moan and groan about that often.) I write in a butt-ugly cranberry swivel rocker reminiscent of the orange one from my mother’s house when I was a kid. That’s a folded-up Perry the Platypus blanket behind me. No cats, though…hmmmm. Sometimes I have one on the chair with me, right behind my head.

Writer At...Work?


Here’s David Bridger, Toni Anderson, Cindy Spencer Pape, and a cool video from Christine d’Abo.  Enjoy!

If you’re a writer, where do you like to write? If you’re a reader, what’s your favorite reading spot?




A Late Six Sentence Sunday Post

A very late #sixsunday post from me. This is from Forbidden Desires, coming out in November from Carina Press. This is the first glimpse we get inside Marcus’s head as he sees Bella:

She had rich, coffee-brown hair with streaks of cinnamon in it. It hung past her shoulders, thick and wavy. Her eyes were a startling bluish green, like the color of the Caribbean Sea he’d seen on vacation. And those curves. Jesus Christ, those curves of hers had him salivating. This was a woman with the kind of body a man could hold and not be afraid to break.

And if you’re interested, I posted pictures of Bella and Marcus as I saw them on my Pinterest board, here:  http://pinterest.com/jodiegriffin/book-inspiration/

Happy Sunday!


Six Sentences…Maybe Seven. Or Eight. Or even Nine!

Not sure what mental block it is I have about Six Sentence Sunday, but I forgot. Again. *sigh*  So, today, I give you (on my own blog) six sentences from my upcoming November 19, 2012 Carina Press release, FORBIDDEN DESIRES:

“Hello, ladies.”

Bella jerked at the sound of the deep, masculine voice, and nearly dropped her cards. There was a hint of roughness to it, enough to send shivers down her spine. To cover her reaction, she turned and looked up. Her heart skipped a long beat. Standing behind them, in a firefighter uniform and holding paramedic gear, was the sexiest, hottest guy she’d ever laid eyes on.

Today’s the day I wish it was SEVEN sentence Sunday!  Well…maybe in the comments.