A Forbidden Obsessions Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! A few years ago, I participated in a blog hop that was the brainchild of Tamsen Parker and Rebecca Grace Allen.  The #ValentinesRewind was set up as a chance to spend more time with characters you’d already met.

For my Rewind, I decided to give Gabe and Olivia (from Forbidden Obsessions) a fantasy scene.  I hope you enjoy Gabe’s special surprise. Fair warning…it is totally and completely NSFW. Emphasis on NOT.


A Forbidden Obsessions Valentine


The dress shop owner hung Gabe’s selections for Olivia on the hooks and stepped back outside the dressing room with a small grin on her face.  He grinned back, then followed his woman into the lushly-appointed space, closing the door behind him with a soft snick.  As he turned to her, he hid a smile at her slightly panicked look.

“Gabe! What are you doing? You have to wait outside.”

He gave her the face she called, in her brattier moments, his Dom of the Castle look.  Single raised brow, mocking smile. Then he strode forward, tugging the cuffs of his dress shirt from under his suit coat.

She obviously recognized the look and got his meaning, because she flushed and stepped backward. “Sir, here?”

A perfectly trained sub she was not, but she’d come a long way in the time they’d been together.  He continued forward, crowding her space. “Yes, here. Take the dress off, Olivia.’

She started to step back again but checked the motion, which pleased him inordinately.  “I can do this myself, Master.”

“Oh, I know you can, princess.  I’m just here to… help.”  He skimmed a knuckle down her cheek, then pinched her chin lightly. “And you know what it does to me when you call me Master.”

She flushed a becoming pink, but a hiss escaped from between her teeth. “What if she comes back and finds you in here…helping?”

By she, Olivia meant the shop owner, and she definitely would because she was in on this whole scene he’d planned.  Miranda was a friend and a bisexual Domme, though for whatever reason she and Olivia hadn’t yet crossed paths. This scene was both an early Valentine’s gift to Olivia and an object lesson in trusting him to keep her safe, no matter where or when he chose to exercise his will.

He leaned closed and stage-whispered in his fiancée’s ear. “And what if she does?”

He could practically see the wheels spinning her head.  She did trust him, fully and completely—with scenes inside known play spaces like Bondage and Breakfast, the kink club they’d gone to when they’d vacationed at the beach, and like-minded friends’ homes.  But she wasn’t comfortable with public play.  She hadn’t made it a limit—hard, or soft— which told him she wanted it but couldn’t make the final leap of faith that she wouldn’t be exposed.  He understood that, had seen her frustration with herself over it, and he’d been thinking over the best way to help her through that fear.  This was what he’d come up with.

Olivia bit her lip and then lowered her voice. “But Master, the rope.”

He’d tied her in a corset before leaving the house, not so tight she’d lose circulation, but tight enough she’d wear his marks for longer than five minutes. The weight of her submission lay heavy on his shoulders as he studied her carefully.  Her face was still flushed, not white with fear. Color sat high on her cheekbones and dusted across her chest.  She was anxious, but not scared. Truth be told, her slight case of nerves turned him on, sadist that he was.  If he saw true fear, he’d pull the plug on the whole damn scene, but this? This was delicious. “The green is the perfect foil for your skin, really.” He sharpened his voice and crossed his arms over his chest, enjoying himself immensely. “I’d like to see it now.”

He could practically see red sitting on the tip of her tongue as she searched his face for …something.  He rarely needed to remind her she had a safe word anymore, because she did trust him and she’d learned he wouldn’t be mad at her if she used it. Disappointed, maybe, because he was only human. But never angry, because their dynamic was based on full consent. If she was truly unhappy, so was he, and he’d made damn sure she knew that down to her very soul.   He loved what kink brought to their lives, but he loved her more.

After a long moment, she let out a shuddery breath and began unbuttoning her dress with trembling hands. “Yes, Master.”

Satisfaction flowed through him. A small concession but a huge victory in that she hadn’t looked around to see if anyone could possibly see them, hadn’t investigated the mirrors or looked for cameras.  She’d looked only to him as she’d decided whether or not to follow his orders.

As though he were her anchor in a roiling sea.

For a dominant, it didn’t get any better than that.

She was well aware he was a neat-freak and she did as was required at home, folding her dress and setting it on one of the chairs.  She turned back and locked eyes with him, then lowered her gaze and bowed her head, sinking gracefully to her knees, her thighs spread and her palms face up on them.

Christ, she knew exactly how to slay him, and his voice went thick as he praised her. “Beautifully done, love.”

He walked around her twice, slowly and deliberately, stopping just beside her.  She wore nothing but the rope, her princess plug and some panties, and those only because she’d told him in that oh-so-crisp British accent of hers that she’d not try on clothes in a shop without her knickers because that was disgusting, thank you very much. He’d laughed and allowed her a pair of bikini undies, but he’d made her use a plug and a crotch rope to keep her focused on her submission. He’d tied her so kneeling would put some additional tension on the knot and, as he’d hoped, it sat right over her clit.


There was a soft knock on the door.  Olivia didn’t know it, but Miranda had closed the shop for the afternoon, so no one else was in the store but the three of them.

“Come in,” he replied. Though he and Olivia had picked out a few everyday vanilla dresses together, he’d also called ahead and asked Miranda to suggest some of her kinkier stock for Olivia.

As the door opened, Olivia started to rise, but then she sucked in a breath and sat back down on her heels—which tightened the crotch rope again, causing her to hiss and him to grin—then she exhaled on a shuddery breath. Goose bumps rose over her flesh invitingly.

Miranda quirked a grin at him over Olivia’s lowered head, then schooled her face into a bland expression.  “I brought the other things you wanted to see, Mr. McConnell. Some of them are hard to fasten. I’d be happy to assist you, in any way you’d like.”

“Thank you. We’d appreciate that.” He reached down, gathered Olivia’s long hair into his fist, and then tugged her head back gently.  “On your feet, princess.”

She rose as gracefully as she’d gone to her knees, but with her standing, he could see the color across her cheeks and her chest had deepened to a dull red.

The sadist in him thrilled to that. He let the power flow through him, growling into her ear. “Good girl.”


Liv tried not to freak out, but it was hard. Some stranger who didn’t understand anything about their lifestyle was standing here, watching and probably judging her as she followed Master’s orders. God, she hated feeling this expos—

He stepped behind her, still holding her hair in his fist, and set his teeth at the dip in her shoulder. She shuddered at the first touch, her mind going sideways. Then when he bit down, all rational thoughts fled from her head, and she couldn’t hold back her groan—or the rush of heat between her thighs.

He laughed darkly and slid a finger under the rope, tugging on the strand between her cheeks, pulling it and letting it loose. The knot rubbed against her clit and the rest of the rope pushed against her plug. A desperate sound escaped her.

“Who decides, love?” He continued to rock the rope, tormenting her as he questioned her, his breath hot against her skin. She didn’t know if she wanted more or if she wanted him to stop, but it didn’t matter what she wanted. She knew that, and it only made her burn hotter.  He tugged her head back against his shoulder.  “Who’s in charge?”

When she didn’t answer immediately, he twisted the rope between her legs tighter, which sent her up on her tippy-toes with a gasp. “You, Master. You are.”

A soft, feminine chuckle had her heart stuttering. And when Master let out another dark laugh, a shudder started in her legs and worked its way up. God. God, how could she have forgotten they had an audience? How could she let herself—

He let go of her hair, his hand sliding around to cover her throat lightly, his thumb caressing her neck as he held her in place against his body.  Her mind dropped back into that lovely calm space, as it always did when he exerted his dominance. Then he slipped his other hand free from the crotch rope, sliding it between her back and his front to undo the knot at the base of the corset.  The soft yet scratchy rope played against her skin as he tugged it free of its hold.  She shuddered, her body melting against her Master, yielding to his control.

“Like that, do you?” His words were softly mocking but she knew he wanted an honest answer.  He always wanted an honest answer.

“Oh, yes, Master.” She tried to turn her head into his chest, to look up at him so he could see the truth of it. He allowed it, and she rubbed her cheek against his suit coat, inhaling the scent of him, as though she were marking him like a cat. “Please?”

She wasn’t sure what she was asking for, but locked gaze to gaze with him, she saw the corner of his eyes crinkle. He let the crotch rope drop and the next thing she knew, his hand was inside the front of her knickers, his fingers teasing her entrance.

Oh, yes, this. She wanted this.  “Master, please.”

Still holding her against him, he knocked her leg wider and then buried his fingers deep inside her, rubbing one knuckle against her most sensitive spot. As attuned to her as he was, it never took him long to find it—or to get her to the point where she was clinging to the edge of orgasm with everything she had.

But she wasn’t allowed to come without permission, so she fought it, twisting in his grip, straining her muscles with the almost-impossible task.

“That’s right, princess. No coming unless I say you can. Hold it.”

A whimper escaped her, and his knowing laugh made her want to hit him. She knew what would happen if she made that wrong choice, and no thank you. So instead she begged him. “Please, Master. Please let me come.”

“Not yet.”

Of course not. He never let her come right away. Sometimes, she wished that—

As though he had a direct line to her thoughts, he flexed his fingers against her neck, tightening them ever so slightly so she knew, knew she was completely under his control, and then he bit her shoulder again, this time harder. She cried out, and he withdrew his fingers from her warmth. She made another noise, this time of protest, and he slammed his fingers back in, fucking her faster with them. The need grew, and grew, and grew until —

Now,” he growled.

Her body went rigid as her orgasm flashed over, then she collapsed against him, sated.


Gabe knew how Olivia thought — one and done— but he knew better. Hell, she should know better by now. One was barely a warm-up, and she was quite capable of going the distance.  He didn’t stop tormenting her, instead switched hands, sliding the fingers that had been inside her into her mouth. “Suck me, baby.”  Then he slid his free hand in between their bodies and started playing with the anal plug.

She ran her talented tongue around his fingers and between them, licking them and sucking as though she’d never get another chance. He wished he could be in two places at once, because his dick wanted some of that action.  Instead, he refocused his own needs and bit her again, tugging at her skin.

She’d have both teeth marks and a bruise later, and that thought sent satisfaction rushing through him.

It didn’t take long before her arousal caught fire again. He kept teasing her, whispering all the dirty things he’d like to do to her as he fucked her ass with the anal plug and her mouth with his fingers.  She twisted against him, almost as if she hadn’t just had an explosive orgasm, but he knew it would take more than he alone could give her in this position to make her come again.

That’s where Miranda came in.

On one of their very first dinners at Bondage and Breakfast, Olivia had witnessed a threesome with two women and a man.  He’d asked her if the thought of three turned her on, but she’d given a vague answer. He remembered, though, how fascinated Olivia had been by the two women together.  That thought had tormented him for months.

He hated the thought of another man touching Olivia, but a woman, in a limited scene? Tempting. A few weeks ago, while they lay in bed after finishing off a bottle of good wine, they’d talked about fantasies, and he’d brought that scene up. When she’d admitted she kept thinking about it and wondered what it’d be like to be that woman in the middle, he was sunk.

He turned Olivia’s face toward his and kissed her deeply, tasting her essence on her lips and tongue. “You with me, love?”

She made a noise in the affirmative, and when she spoke, her voice was rough with passion. “Please, Master. I need—”

“I know what you need.”  He nuzzled her cheek, then caught Miranda’s eye and gave a small nod.

“I’m available to assist you in any way, Mr. McConnell.”

“Thank you, Miranda. Please take off Olivia’s panties. They’re in the way.”

Olivia tensed in his arms and her breath hitched. “Mas—”

Things could come to a crashing halt right now, or his woman would roll with her fantasy come to life. He was betting on the latter, but prepared for the former. He pinched her chin, locked eyes with her. “Who makes the decisions?”

She started to tremble but dipped her eyes in acknowledgement. “Y-you do, Master.”

“That’s right, princess. I do. And I say Miranda is going to take off your panties.” Considering this was new territory for both of them, he added a reminder, as much to himself as to her. “Use your safe word if you need to, understood?” When she nodded, he gave the go ahead.  “Please continue, Miranda.”

“My pleasure.”  Miranda crouched in front of Olivia and skimmed her hands lightly up Olivia’s calves and then thighs. “Mmm. She’s lovely.”  She hooked her fingers into the sides of Olivia’s panties and drew them down until they lay on the floor around her ankles. “And she’s very, very wet. Her panties are drenched, and I can smell her arousal.”

Olivia let out a small dismayed sound, which only amped up Gabe’s desire to gain her full submission. He lightly smacked her thigh. “Step out of those.”

When she did, he carefully undid the rope corset as Miranda watched. As expected, Olivia closed her eyes and drifted back into ropespace, and again he nodded at Miranda. Together, they stroked Olivia’s skin, and when her body swayed, he lifted her and moved to the chaise with her in his lap, all soft and pliant.

“Lucky guy,” Miranda said softly, pulling a small foot stool close as they’d planned.

“That I am,” he replied. When Olivia started to stir, he slouched on the bottom end of the chaise, then shifted her so she straddled his lap, her head on his shoulder, her nose buried against his neck. This would be the perfect view to watch Miranda play with Olivia’s body, to see his lover come awake under the Domme’s touch.  But first, she needed to be a bit more aware. He laid one arm across Olivia’s chest and started playing with her nipples, then tucked the other under her thigh to wiggle the plug in her ass.

She blinked her eyes open and made the most kitten-like noise he’d ever heard from her.  With a grin, he spread his knees so her legs opened wider, baring her completely to Miranda’s view.

Once again, he shared a look with Miranda and the Domme leaned forward and went to work, biting a path up the inside of Olivia’s thigh.

Olivia was still a bit out of it and though she sighed contentedly, she started lifting her hips for more. If there was one thing that set Olivia off, it was biting. He didn’t mind, as it was one of his favorite things to do to her, and he’d shared that with Miranda.

When he tweaked her nipple and jiggled the butt plug, realization washed over Olivia’s face.  She was smart, his woman. If his hands are there and there, and his mouth is right there, then who… Her eyes flew open, and her mouth widened into a wide O. He lifted his hand from her breast long enough to turn her face to his, holding it there.  “She’s going to bite you, and lick you, and fuck you with her mouth and her hand. But you will not come, understand? You’re going to hold it, like the good girl you are, and then you’re going to ask permission.”

She made a desperate noise, and he released her gaze to look down the length of her torso. He fought a grin. Miranda hadn’t paused a beat during his explanation, and right now her fingers were buried deep inside Olivia’s body, and her tongue was lashing at Olivia’s clit.

“I…yes, Master.” Her voice went up an octave as Miranda did something to her, amusing him.

“I’m so glad we understand each other.”  He kissed her nose, nipped her chin, and went right back to twisting her nipples and pinching her skin with one hand, and torturing her with the anal plug with the other.

“Edge, Master,” Olivia panted.  “Oh, God. Please let me come.”

He tsked. “You know better than that.  We’re just beginning.”

He eased off, giving her a few moments to compose herself.  They brought her to the edge several more times, pausing in between the rounds of orchestrated torture so she didn’t go over.  At this point, though, she wasn’t the only one being tortured.  His dick ached so much, it felt like those first few weeks before he’d taken Olivia like he’d wanted to. And Miranda’s color was high, as well, so it was a good thing they had a plan.

Then the shop doorbell rang.


God, God, God, God. Liv’s head was fuzzy and her body screamed for release, but the doorbell was a splash of cold water. She tensed, and she heard Gabe’s growled curse.

“Give me two minutes,” Miranda muttered.  “It’s probably the delivery that should’ve been here an hour ago. I’ll be right back.” She left the room and closed the door tightly behind her.

Gabe drew her legs together and turned her so she was on her knees between his splayed legs. He was sprawled on the chaise, his coat off, his tie loosened and his hair mussed, his feet on the floor. In that position, the bulge under the placket of his zipper was unmistakable. His color was high, and his grey eyes glittered with barely-restrained lust.  “Don’t worry about whoever’s out there. Unzip my trousers. I want your mouth on me, now.”

His roughly uttered demand spurred her submission, and she freed him with shaky hands.  He’d gone commando under his trousers, and his cock lay thick and heavy against his stomach. She rubbed her face against him, then opened her mouth, looking up at him, waiting the way he liked her to wait.

“Christ, you’re trying to kill me.” Leaning up on an elbow, he grabbed her hair and fucked into her mouth, shallowly at first.  “Lick me like you licked my fingers earlier.”

She did. Oh, God, she did, sucking him into her mouth and halfway down her throat. The tighter he held her head where he wanted it, the wetter she got. And when she heard the door behind her open, she didn’t give a single damn who it was.

Let them watch.

There was a whisper of air as someone reached around her and squeezed her breast.  Miranda? Liv’s eyes dipped down. A feminine hand, and as she felt breasts brush against her back, another rush of heat flooded her.

She could not believe Master had orchestrated this, but all thoughts fled as he shifted his grip and pulled her head closer, fucking into her throat. He held her there for a quick moment, and then released her so she could breathe. He did it again, this time going deeper, holding her a little longer. She gagged around him and her core clenched, hard.

He laughed, that dark laugh she loved so much, the one that said he knew exactly, exactly what that did to her—and that he planned to do it again.

He did, only this time, she felt a hand between her legs, parting her.  When he fucked into her mouth, Miranda’s hand fucked into her pussy. She groaned and then she gagged and then—

“Jesus, she likes it when you gag her with your cock. She flooded my hand and squeezed the shit out of my fingers.”

He pulled back, stroking his thumb over the tears leaking from the corner of her eyes. He smiled at her, a sweet smile at odds with the depraved things he was doing to her, but he always tempered his sadistic acts with loving gestures and words. “Mmm, yes. She likes being used every bit as much as I like using her. She’s a dirty, dirty girl, and she’s perfect.”

Embarrassed but pleased heat flashed over her, and she leaned her head forward, hiding her face behind her hair.

He laughed, then, and pulled her up the length of his body until she lay against his chest. He kissed her mouth, hard and sweet, and squeezed her ass tight with both hands before lowering her onto his cock.

With the plug in her ass, and aroused and swollen as she was, being filled by him was exhilaratingly painful. She dropped her head back, closing her eyes and breathing through it, then was startled when she felt a whisper of silk against her legs.  She looked over her shoulder and, in the mirror, saw Miranda behind her, also straddling Master’s thighs.  Her skirt was rucked up, and she wore a belt of some kind around her hips.  That was the only glance she got, because Miranda squeezed Olivia’s nipples, pulling them tightly. A shocked squeal escaped and she leaned forward, trying to shift away from the pain, but Miranda only laughed and came forward with her, still holding her nipples.

She was trapped between Master at her front, and Miranda at her back.

Master bit her lower lip and gripped her hips, his eyes glittering again. “Hold on to the back of the chaise, and do not let go. If you let go, everything stops.” He bucked his hips and fucked her hard, once, twice, three times. “Including this. Understood?”

She answered on a sob. “Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.  Here we go.”

She might be on top, but he was completely in control. He fucked her, slow at first, then harder, teasing her, drawing it out. And then Miranda began to move against her, pushing against her when Master pulled back.  That didn’t really do anything for her, but if Master wanted—

She screamed as the plump, buzzing head of a vibrator landed between her ass cheeks and against the stainless steel princess plug there.

The vibrations. Oh, God, the vibrations. Every time Miranda pushed against her, it made the vibrations stronger. Then she’d back off, and Master would fuck into her again. Back and forth, taking turns until her entire body was coiled on the edge of something immense, something she wasn’t sure she could hold back, even on the threat of punishment.  “Please. Please. Please.

Master growled his answer, the cords on his neck standing out. “Not until I come, and not until Miranda comes. Then you may come.”

Her whole body was alive with feeling, riding right on the edge of orgasm, but she couldn’t do anything to make them move faster or come faster. Master held her hips and Miranda held her breasts, and all she could do was take it. Her entire focus was on not coming, not without permission.

Christ.” Master groaned, holding her tight against him as he came inside her in long, warm, spurts. His chest heaved, and he pulled her close, locking his mouth onto hers.

Miranda came next, her muscles going tight against Liv’s body as she breathed in short bursts, her body heavy against Liv’s back.  The added weight sent stronger vibrations through the butt plug, and finally, finally, Master spoke.

“Come for me, princess. Now.”

She shattered into a million pieces, her entire body going limp and boneless. She thought she was done, surely she was done, but Master turned her slightly, and then Miranda set the giant vibrator against her clit. She came again, three more times before they showed mercy on her and shut it off.

She floated in a haze of satisfaction, words billowing around her, but she made no sense of them.  She wasn’t sure how long she lay there, but eventually her surroundings started to filter back in. Master’s wrinkled shirt beneath her cheek. His hand, rubbing up and down the naked skin of her back—but not on her scars. He knew better, and he was always so careful with her, even when he was being sadistic. Especially when he was being sadistic. Contentment filled her, and she tucked her head under his chin, unwilling to move yet.

He laughed lightly and sat up, pulling her with him, lifting her chin to examine her face. He kissed her nose. “I see you’re back with me, princess. You doing okay?” He opened a bottle of water and held it up to her lips.  “Drink some of this.”

She took a sip, then several long gulps of water. “Thank you, Master.”

“My pleasure, love.” He fed her a piece of chocolate, too, and as the sugar hit her system, she became more aware.

There was a blanket around her, so she was naked, but covered. But a blanket, here in a dress shop? She blinked, then frowned at him.

He laughed, rubbing his thumb over the furrow in her brow. “Confused?”

She scowled. “Yes, Master.”

There was a soft knock at the door.  “Come in,” he said.

It was Miranda, and she was carrying a small plate of bite sized sandwiches. Liv felt herself flush. This woman had…God.

Miranda laughed softly and set the plate down. “I think maybe introductions are in order.”

Gabe grinned. “I think you’re right. Princess, meet Mistress Miranda. She’s the owner of this shop, and co-owner of a dungeon in Maryland. Miranda, my lovely submissive and my soon-to-be wife, Olivia.”

Miranda glanced at Gabe, and when he nodded, she came close and tucked her hand under Liv’s chin. To her utter shock, Miranda kissed her on the mouth, much as Master did, then ran her knuckles down Liv’s cheek. “Thank you for including me, Gabe. It was an incredible afternoon.”

Liv’s head spun, partly from the woman’s kiss, and partly from the confusion.  “Master? I don’t understand.”

He tugged a lock of her hair. “It was your fantasy, and I didn’t know what to get you for Valentine’s Day. So I got you this.”

It took her a moment, and then—“You set this all up?”

He grinned. “Guilty as charged.”

She blinked. “I thought we were here to try on clothes.”

Miranda’s voice came from behind them, a dry humor in her words. “I sure hope you are. I closed the shop this afternoon at your Master’s request to ensure privacy, and he promised he’d make up for any losses by buying you a bunch of new things.”

Her world tipped sideways as she stared at the man she loved more than anyone in the world. “You made sure no one would see us. I was afraid—”

All amusement dropped from his face as he resettled her so they could sit eye to eye. He cupped her cheek. “I promised you I’d never put you in a position where you might be exposed. I wanted to show you we can play in public without real fear of being found out. There’s always a chance—like an unexpected delivery at the door—but I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening. I know you were worried. I could see it in your face, and I’m so proud of you for working through the fear. You please me, princess. In every way.”

Instead of making her feel better, his words made her feel worse. She sniffled. “I’m sorry, Master.”

“For what, baby?”

She blinked back tears. “For not believing you.”

He kissed her again, then smiled gently. “If you didn’t believe I’d keep you safe, you’d have called red.  I know you know you can always safe out. I gave you the opportunity more than once today.  And you chose not to.  Sweetheart, it’s not me you didn’t trust. It was your own fear holding you back. You wanted this, and I know that. I just made it happen.”

She sniffed again. “I love you, Master.”

“I know.” His eyes twinkled, and then he let her off the hook. “I love you, too.”

There was a soft snick as the door closed. Miranda had left them alone, and there was a whole rack of clothes she hadn’t tried on yet.  She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her, then hopped off Gabe’s lap and padded over to them, flipping through things she knew she hadn’t picked out. She turned back to him.  “What are these?”

He grinned at her. “Some things Miranda thought I’d like to see on you.”

She held one up, looked at what couldn’t be more than two inches of fabric, then raised a brow. “I’m not quite sure this is my size.”

He held out his hand. “Don’t worry. You’ll see. Come eat something.”

She felt a tiny pang of disappointment, but went back to him and knelt on the floor at his feet. He fed her a sandwich, and she leaned against his leg, looking up at him.  Amusement played over his features, and warning bells went off.  “What’s that look for?”

He leaned forward, whispered in her ear. “We’re not nearly done yet, you and I …and Mistress Miranda. You’d best eat up, love.”

Almost impossibly, her core clenched as she flashed hot all over. More? Good lord. “I…yes, Master.”

“That’s my good girl.”

 The end….for now!


If you made it all the way through, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this visit with Gabe and Olivia and Mistress Miranda (who will, eventually, have her own story.) 



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