Forbidden Desires Valentine

NOTE:  This story contains material that is only appropriate for adults. 18+ only.

Forbidden Desires Cover

A Forbidden Desires Valentine
© Jodie Griffin, 2013

“Fuck, Bella mia. I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Bella pinched Marcus’s nipple. “Language, adorato. And you should trust me. I’ve been trained by the best.”  She continued to wrap her new red-dyed hemp rope around his body, tying knots she’d learned and studying her handiwork.  The deep color looked incredible against his olive skin.

“I’m going to kill him,” he muttered. “I cannot believe you had private lessons with Gabe, and he didn’t tell me.”

She grinned. “It was a surprise. And you’re just mad you didn’t think of it first.”

He half-snorted, half-laughed. “You’re right about that.” He looked down at his body and shook his head. “Rope? Really?”

He wasn’t in his submissive headspace, and Bella needed to fix that. With his crazy work schedule and hers, it had been too long since they’d had any extended time to play. She needed this, and he needed the release.  “Enough talking, or I’m going to gag you.”  He started to open his mouth, so she got nose-to-nose with him while she grabbed his balls and squeezed. Not too hard, but enough that he knew she meant business.  “Or are you in the mood for a punishment? Because I have no problem bringing you right to the edge and leaving you there while I get myself off.”

His cheeks pinkened but his eyes blazed hot. His big body vibrated with tension, but he shook his head and held his tongue.

“Good. The only words I want to hear from your mouth are Yes, Ma’am if I ask you a question, or elephant if we need to stop. Is that understood?”  Elephant was his safe word when they played like this, and even when they switched and he was Dom and she was sub, she used the same one. It was a shared joke between them.

Today, Valentine’s day, she was in charge.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he murmured, his long lashes sweeping his cheek as he lowered his eyes.

Her dominant self cheered, but she held no illusions he’d totally submitted.  Stubborn as the day was long, her hot Italian guy. He challenged her at every turn, but she liked it. It might not work for everyone, but the dynamic worked for them.

She went back to her rope. Their friend Gabe had laughed evilly when she’d told him what she wanted to do to Marcus, and then he’d re-arranged his own schedule so he could teach her to do it safely. She still had a long way to go to get fancy, but she knew enough of the basics to give Marcus a taste.

He stood in the middle of the bedroom, his hands laced behind his head as she’d instructed. He was naked, his erection full and heavy and curled against his belly. She had plans for that too, later. She finished binding his chest and then walked him backward to their bed.  She’d imagined this scene in her head a million times, so she knew exactly how she wanted him.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and lay back but keep your feet on the floor, adorato.”  That was the name she used when she dominated him. It meant beloved in Italian, and even though he was the Italian one, she’d swiped it the minute she’d heard it because it was perfect to describe how she felt about him.

He did as she ordered, his broad feet still planted on the floor. He grunted and she hid a grin.  She figured he would feel the bite as the arch in his back expanded his chest and pulled the rope tighter against his skin.  She kept him like that for a long moment then gave him another order. “Pull your knees up and hang onto them.”

He made a sound of denial.

This was such an exposed position, and she struggled with it too. But she knew firsthand it would put him deeper into that submissive role, just like it did to her. She sharpened her voice. “Now, Marcus.”

His cheeks went from pink to a dull red that nearly matched the hemp, but he did it.  Without explaining what she was doing, she grabbed another length of rope and bound his lower calf to his upper thigh, and then she did the same to the other side, periodically checking his face for signs of distress or discomfort. He was fired up and his jaw was clenched tight, and when she tied his left hand to the outside of his leg, he let out a low, earthy curse, trying to twist away.

She pinched the tender skin in the crease of his leg then stroked her hand lightly over his cock and balls. “Easy, adorato. Settle down. ”

She continued to talk to him softly, kept petting him until he reached that point in his head where he’d decided yes, he’d submit.  She knew he’d gotten there when his legs relaxed, opening him wider to her view. She quickly bound his right hand, then leaned forward and kissed his stomach.


Marcus’s brain reached overload. Jesus, he needed what Bella was giving him, craved it, but his fucking head wouldn’t let him enjoy it without that giant struggle first. It was always harder than hell to shift from being responsible for people’s lives to being responsible for nothing.  He loved it, loved being at her mercy — she was a creative lover, and he never knew what to expect from her.  Her voice and touch soothed him and, finally, he let out a huge sigh that emptied his lungs and his mind at the same time.

“Perfect, love. Time to play.”

His eyes drifted closed as her small hand stroked his dick from root to tip, followed by her soft tongue licking him.  “Mmm. You taste good.”

His muscles bunched as she touched him, and he felt like a firecracker ready to launch, but then she backed off. He grunted, his frustration getting the better of him.

She laughed softly. “You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?”

 No, but a guy could hope.

“I’ve barely started playing,” she continued.  He opened his eyes to look at her, but she frowned. “Keep them closed, adorato.”

“Please, I need to see you,” he blurted, daring to incur her punishment. “You look fucking hot in that outfit.”  And she did, her full breasts straining the red lace of the body stocking she wore. It hugged her curves and made his mouth water. He wanted to taste her, all of her.

“Ah, love, that’s a sweet thought, but it’s not what I told you to do.” She smacked the bottom of his foot with a leather crop once, twice, three times in rapid succession. It stung, but not painfully.  Her words and the bite of the leather just dropped him deeper into his head, farther into the space that belonged only to Bella.  His eyes fluttered shut again.

He heard a click, and then her hands were back, both of them. She rubbed the warm lube along his length, over his balls, and then she drew a path to his anus with her slick fingers. He shuddered. When her finger breached his ass, he let out a hiss of air.

 So fucking good to lay here and just feel.

She continued to play for what seemed like forever, bringing him to the brink of madness and then easing back until he was so sensitive every part of his body ached with the need to come. She stepped away and he lay there breathing hard, his heart pounding harder, his mind chaotic but only with thoughts about Bella and him together.

He heard the creak of a door and then she was back.  “You okay, love?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”  He licked his lips. He hadn’t realized it but his throat was dry. Before he could tell Bella that, though, she was there, holding a water bottle to his mouth.  She was so attuned to him, this woman he loved more than his own life.

Suddenly he felt something hard and slick against his anus and he tensed.

“Deep breath,” she said, and then she pushed, slowly, precisely, keeping a pace only known to her.

They’d played with plugs before but this one felt huge going in. He twisted his head back and forth and a torrent of desperate words fell from his lips. Finally, finally it was in and he shuddered.

“Good job, love.” She twisted it and played with it for a moment, then kissed his cock, her hair falling forward to tease his belly. “You look hotter than hot, bound up, spread wide, plug in your ass. And all mine. Who do you belong to, adorato? Who’s your Valentine?”

“You,” he said, his voice thick to his own ears, his words straight from his heart and soul. “I belong to you. Only you.”


Bella blinked back tears. God, she loved her man so much. He gave her so much of himself, opened himself body and soul to her. It was time to give back to him.

She got on their bed and carefully straddled his head on her knees, settling herself backwards over his mouth, her core bared by the crotchless cut of the body stocking. He had a talented tongue, and she was already so close to the edge from the things she’d done to him tonight that her next order wouldn’t take long to accomplish. “Make me come, Marcus.”

“Thank God,” he muttered.  He lifted his head and started licking her, working her body with his teeth and tongue and lips.

Goosebumps traveled across her skin as he served her, bringing her to the edge almost immediately, and this without the use of his hands. But she didn’t want to go over, not yet. “Stop.”

He froze, a low groan of disbelief and denial in his throat.

She laughed softly then leaned forward, brushing her breasts across his chest, groaning herself as they rubbed over the rough hemp rope. When he choked back a laugh, the rat, she scraped her fingernails along his abs and on his thighs and then over his ass, and the laughter died in his throat.

The room was silent except for the sounds of their harsh breathing and moans and groans and sighs. It sounded like lush, incredibly erotic sex, and she saved the memory for later, for when life got in the way again. A reminder that they needed to make time for this.

With that thought in her mind, she released the rope tying his hands to his thighs, linking her fingers with his.  “You can use your hands now, adorato. Hands and mouth. But no coming until I say you can come.”  And with those words, she sucked his cock deeply into her mouth and grabbed the plug in his ass, fucking him with it as he fucked her with his tongue. His hands were busy too, one rubbing her clit, the other teasing the rim of her anus.

Then he pinched her, giving her the bite of pain she needed to go over, and she groaned deep in her throat around his cock, coming hard. She tried to move off him, but he was having none of that. He was so strong, her man, and he kept her tight against his face as he worked her toward a second orgasm. She decided to allow him this small moment of control.

She took his cock down as far as she could, swallowing against the head of it.  He stopped licking her long enough to beg, the words music to her ears. “Please, Bella mia. I need to come. Have mercy, please!”

“You can come when you make me come again,” she muttered softly, but he must’ve heard it because he doubled his efforts.  When he bit her clit she let out a tortured cry and bowed her back, coming hard.

As she did, she pulled on the plug, drawing it out so the thickest part of it stretched him wide for a few long seconds as she sucked hard on his cock. He flew over the edge with her, coming in her mouth and down her throat in long spurts. She swallowed it all, licking him clean as his chest heaved beneath her.

When she could move, she did, getting on her knees facing him, taking in his mussed hair, his wet lips, and the look of absolute calm on his face. He was slightly dazed and still in his submissive head space. Good. He needed it.

And she’d needed to take him there.

She went to the bathroom and grabbed a warm, wet washcloth, cleaning first his face and then his cock, balls, and ass. She loved this part, taking care of him as he drifted back to earth. She talked softly to him, touching him with gentle hands as she unbound his legs.  She urged him to a sitting position and removed the rope around his chest, and then she got him back into bed, where she curled up next to him under a blanket, her hand splayed across his chest.

They both drifted off to sleep for a few minutes.

When she woke, Marcus had one arm curled up under his head and the other was stroking her hair.  “Hey,” she said softly, leaning up on one elbow to look at him. “You okay?”

His eyes crinkled. “Better than okay. I needed that more than I thought I did.”

“So did I. I have something for you. A Valentine’s gift,” she said, smiling back at him. She reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out an envelope.  “Here.”

He opened it, drew out a card, and laughed out loud. Rope lessons with Master Gabriel.  “Is this for me or for you?”

She smacked him. “For both of us.  Did you like the rope?”

He kissed her nose. “I loved it. And yeah, I’d like to learn it.” He turned to his nightstand and handed her a rectangular box.  “I have something for you, too.”

Her eyes misted. “Something more than two fabulous orgasms? I guess today’s my lucky day.”

“Open it,” he said, his face serious.  “You’ll see.”

She lifted the cover of the box and gasped. “Marcus, they’re gorgeous. I….wow.”  The tears fell over and slid down her cheeks. His gift was for both of them, as well. She lightly touched the bracelets, one masculine, one feminine. Hers was an etched silver band with a heart joining the two pieces in the front.  Curled up inside it was a thin silver chain with a tiny key on it.   His was a braided black leather one that matched the choker he wore whenever he wasn’t working. The ends were closed with a square lock that her key fit.  And sitting alongside his was another key, one she guessed fit the small lock on the back of her bracelet. It had a clasp on it, but it wasn’t on a necklace.

“It can be hooked on the back of my choker. You can wear your key on the chain or not wear it at all. I’ll leave it up to you. The bracelets are pretty non-specific, but I’m not ashamed of what we have.”

She kissed him, her heart melting. “I love you, Marcus. You’re right. I’m not ashamed either, but it’s no one else’s business.”  She lifted his out and put it on his wrist, locking it with the key on her necklace, which she then put over her head.  It was long enough it would tuck inside most of her clothes. Her secret and his.  “Mine.”

He placed her bracelet on her wrist and locked it into place. “Mine.”  He took the box and set it on the nightstand, then cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly on the lips. “I love you too, Bella mia. Happy Valentine’s Day.”



A Forbidden Desires Valentine, © Jodie Griffin, 2013