My Writing Process

Today I’m taking the baton for this fun blog hop from the lovely Seleste deLaney (also known as Julie Particka for her YA!)  You should stop by and read about her writing process!

1)  What am I working on?

Right now, I’m working on a novella that I’m hoping will be a three book series. It already includes two characters you’ve met, Jeremy Kohler (from Matzoh and Mistletoe) and Delia Butler (from Forbidden Fires).  This story features Jason Locke (yep, another Dom – what can I say?) and Abby Barnes who meet unexpectedly and then discover they may be suited for each other.  I’ve also got an entire of file of ideas screaming “me next!” but I want to get this one done.


2)   How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I tend to write sweet Doms. Oh, they’re alphas, but they’re not alphaholes. They want control, but they’re not jerks about it. Gabe from Forbidden Obsessions is case in point.


3)  Why do I write what I do?

A few reasons. I’ve found I really like that wide open door found in erotic romance, and it’s what I enjoy reading, as well.  And sex is such an integral, complex part of a relationship, so I like showing how a character learning more about his and/or her sexual self creates obstacles and opportunities.


4) How does my writing process work?

There’s a process? How come no one told me? *pauses* All kidding aside, every author’s process is different.

notebooksI get an idea, and I jot a few sentences about it in a file I call “next projects.”  I’ve always got a notebook with me just in case.  If I’m working on something else, that may be as far as I go with it for now, but I never want to lose those ideas. (All bets are off when I’m sleeping, though. Those? They usually get lost. *le sigh*)

When I’m actively working on something, I rarely read anything new, or I’ll read in a completely different genre, like mystery. I’m wary of what I call “cross-contamination” and I don’t want someone else’s words to influence my own.

I tend to write one day, and review what I’ve written the next. I make any changes (usually less than half an hour) and then I move on. I *must* write in a linear fashion – I can’t skip around — and I don’t generally plot. Which means if I’m stuck on direction, I’m STUCK. Sort of a pain, but it’s a process that’s worked five times so far!

And I write fairly complete drafts. I’m not one of those people who do three and four rewrites before they submit.  I also write full chapters — I know a lot of people don’t put chapter breaks in until the end, but honestly, that would make me crazy! *shudders*


So, that’s it for me! Next up to talk about their writing processes are lovely authors Vivian Arend , Cathy Pegau, and Regina West.  Their posts will be up next week, May 19th!