Snippet Saturday…

I’ve been working on a new story featuring Jason, a Dom (of course!)  and Abby (his potential sub) but as I’ve been writing it, I ran into a scene with Master Silas. He’s a character who, much like Master Gabriel, will run through this series of books. I thought I’d share with you a snippet of the kind of man, and Dom, he is.


Sharada’s voice was low.  “Trevor was being a real bastard that night. He knows verbal humiliation is a hard limit for me, but he … he called me names anyway. I used my safe word, but he just laughed. I didn’t want to cause a scene since it was only words, so I let it go.”

“Fuck.” Master Silas came over from the door, stopped in front of Sharada and pulled her to her feet. He cupped her chin, forcing him to look at her. Her eyes darted away, and Abby knew how she felt. It was incredibly hard to look a strong Dom in the eye, especially one in protective mode. “You will never let someone step over your hard limits again, is that understood, pet? You have limits and a safe word for a reason. If he does not listen, you call for a dungeon monitor or one of us. I can tell you for certain if I’d heard him, I’d have banned him from the club for consent violations. I may still do that. And, pet? There is no such thing as ‘only words.’ For some subs, words cause more damage than cane strikes.”

Her eyes filled with tears, and he swore again, holding her close as she worked to pull herself together.  “Consent is something we’ll be addressing again at the next all-member meeting.”


I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my writing project….