Let’s Talk Holiday Pervertables with Jeremy Kohler

This blog post was originally published on 12/13/13 at The Book Nympho:

Jodie:  “I’d like you to meet OFC Jeremy Kohler. He’s cop and a Dom and he has a fondness for using everyday objects to torture a submissive.”

Jeremy: “You say torture. I say….well, you’re right. Torture’s the right word.”   He grins, looking unrepentant.

Jodie:  “So how about you give us a list of your favorites?”

Jeremy: “Not sure I want to give away all my secrets, but sure. Here’s a few.  I like to start out with a kiss under the mistletoe.  Nothing sets a scene like deep, hot, wet kiss.  I know mistletoe in this sense isn’t a real pervertable, but…”

Jodie: “Can you tell us what you mean by pervertable?”


Jeremy: “Yeah, taking something normal and using it for kinky play. White votive candles or white Hanukkah candles for wax play.  And clothespins. I love those and sometimes use them instead of regular nipple clamps. Plus, you can put them all over your sub’s body.”

Jodie:   “Good to know. What other holiday-themed items can you use as a pervertable?”

 snowman spatulaJeremy:  “Lots of things can be used for impact play, especially around the holidays.  Does your sub like to bake?  There are spatulas with Christmas tree cutouts in them. They leave a really nice mark on a sub’s bottom.  Wooden spoons are good too, with or without cutouts.”    A devilish grin crosses his face. “Do you have one of those long wooden cheese boards with a handle? Then you’ve got a paddle.  That would be especially fun if you’re throwing a holiday party at your house.  Before the guests arrive, give your sub a few well-placed swats.  Then, during the party, every time someone takes a piece of cheese from the board — washed after use, please! —   you can whisper in her ear, give her a wink, or even better, a squeeze of her tender ass.”

Gingerbread scrraperJodie:  “Sounds like you’ve done this before.”

Jeremy: *grins*  “A few times. “

Jodie: “What else do you have for us?”

Jeremy: “It’s winter, so scarves are great for blindfolds or bondage.  Wrapping presents? Tie your sub up with Christmas ribbon — but be sure to have safety scissors to get her free immediately if there are any circulation issues.  You want to have fun with this, not hurt anyone. Well, not in a bad way, anyway.”  He pauses, and his eyes light up.  “You can even drape garland around your sub and decorate her like a tree, or hang jingle bells from nipple clamps.”

Jodie:  *laughs*

Jeremy: *winks* “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.”

Jodie: “What about for people who aren’t into pain at all?”

Jeremy: “The holidays are good for sensation play, too.  Evergreen boughs are prickly. Pastry brushes are soft.  Gloves can be soft or scratchy.  And if you’re into role playing, there’s always the fur on Santa’s—”

Jodie: *cuts Jeremy off*  “No! Don’t go there! Not listening!”

Jeremy: *grins evilly*  “Ho ho ho.”

© Jodie Griffin, 2013