A Rebel’s Sunday Six


Yup, that’s right. I’m a rebel. I’m not giving you six sentences this Sunday…I’m giving you SEVEN! *nods*  See? I can rule-break with the best of them! This is from a scene where Bella comes face to face with Marcus’s ex-fiancee:

“How about a little self-esteem, Bella?” She muttered the words to herself as she waited on the porch stairs for Marcus to park his bike in the driveway behind her car. She snorted. She usually had it, but who could look at Teresa whatever-her-last-name-was and not feel inadequate? She shoved her insecurities back into the far reaches of her heart and grinned. So what if his ex was gorgeous? Hot, sexy Marcus was here with her, and possession was nine-tenths of the law.

What woman can’t relate with how Bella feels when faced with her man’s ex?


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