Forbidden Fantasies, in PRINT!

Received fabulous news from Carina Press, my publisher. Forbidden Fantasies is going to print in a trade-size paperback anthology with stories from two other authors, Christine d’Abo and Delphine Dryden. All three are erotic romances with a bondage theme. I’m tickled pink to be included with these two fabulous writers. I’ve read and loved both these stories.

The book, The Theory of Attraction, will be available at stores like Barnes and Noble (both stores and online) and Amazon. It’s due out November 1st.    (Edited! Currently it shows “Controlled by Desire, which was a working title only.)

I’m so excited I could scream. Might have screamed when I found out. Okay, really DID scream when I found out. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands!


One thought on “Forbidden Fantasies, in PRINT!

  1. This is super exciting! I’m so glad you’ll finally be able to hold FF in your hands!

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