A Visit With The Dom Next Door


Today, I’m guest posting at The Dom Next Door, a blog hosted by a Dom (Scot) and his wife (Leigh). I found their site by following a tweet, and what I found was graphic, sure, but more than that, I found a love story, and an interesting exploration of the emotions behind Domination and submission. As a writer whose romance books include BDSM elements, I was intrigued. After all, I try to craft stories that shows the same combination of rock-solid love and kinky sex.

When I told Scot and Leigh how much I enjoyed this look into their lives, I was invited to do a guest post. So here you go. 18+ only, please:




2 thoughts on “A Visit With The Dom Next Door

  1. You’re welcome! And thank you back! 🙂

    Oh, and for those of you going “huh?” WIITWD is “What it is that we do.” 🙂

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