My 1st Official Six Sentence Sunday Entry

When Alex pulled into the garage after the shift from hell, all he’d been thinking about was sleep.

Not anymore.

Tired flew right out the window as he watched his sexy wife playing with the bubbles in the tub. Playing him. Jess was definitely in one of those turned-on, hell-on-wheels-in-bed moods tonight, but he didn’t mind the game. Not at all.


Yes, I finally remembered to pre-register for Six Sentence Sunday where authors can post any six sentences from their writings.  Today’s offering is from Forbidden Fantasies, my debut novella from Carina Press, which came out in March.

If you follow me on twitter (@Jodie_Griffin) you might catch other sentences from Forbidden Desires, my next Carina Press novella coming out in November, or from Forbidden Fire, the story I’m writing now.  I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of them as I write/edit.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Alex and Jess’s life!


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