Six Sunday from Forbidden Desires

Bella is a plus-sized librarian, and Marcus is a hot Italian firefighter / paramedic. Bella’s not sure she’s quite Marcus’s type, but she couldn’t be farther from the truth.ย  He’s not interested in surface beauty alone, and here, Marcus’s thinks about what it is that intrigues him about Bella:

If his mother and nonna had taught him anything, it was that real beauty lived below the skin, in the heart of the woman. When he looked at Bella, he saw strength and kindness and purpose and vulnerability. It shone from her clear blue-green eyes and on her flawless pink cheeks and came out in every word she spoke from her incredibly sensual mouth. She was comfortable in her own skin, and it showed in the way she carried herself. It turned him on and made him want her, in any way sheโ€™d take him.

Even on his knees.

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