Forbidden Fantasies Christmas

This story contains material that is only appropriate for adults. 18+ only.


A Forbidden Fantasies Christmas Story
© Jodie Griffin, 2012

Alex Meyers led his naked, blindfolded wife downstairs slowly, making sure she didn’t miss a single step. He had plans tonight, and they didn’t include a visit from the EMTs.  “Six more steps, babe. Almost there.”

Jess had followed willingly, but at his words she hesitated. “You closed all the blinds?”

He fought a grin.  “No, I left them open so the neighbors could watch. That okay with you?”

“Alex!”  A blush spread over Jess’s pale skin, flushing it the prettiest shade of pink.

He laughed. “Just kidding, sweets. Blinds closed. Doors locked. Just you and me here.  C’mon.” He tugged gently at her hand.

Once downstairs, he led her to the living room, where he’d set everything up.  A soft blanket covered the floor in front of a crackling fire.  He directed her to the center of the blanket and dropped a thick pillow at her feet.

The past few months had been incredible. Ever since they’d taken their first trip to Bondage & Breakfast, he and his wife had learned more about what turned each other on than they had in the fifteen years they’d been married. And tonight, while the kids were away with their grandparents, he was putting all that knowledge to good use.

The memories of that first visit to the B&B sent a bolt of arousal straight to his dick, as did thinking about what he had planned for Jess tonight.  When he spoke, his voice was husky.  “On your knees, kitten.”

Kitten. It was what he called her when they slipped into the roles they’d both come to enjoy and even crave. He called her kitten, and she called him Sir.  They didn’t always play this game, but they were playing it tonight.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered immediately, sinking gracefully to the floor at his feet.  She spread her knees and sat on her heels, her hands on her thighs, palms up.  Ready for him, and for whatever games he wanted to play.

“Your usual safe word?”

“Yes, Sir. Books.”

As always, the word brought a smile to his face. All of this, the whole D/s thing? It had started with a book. “Books it is.”

He moved to the wing chair near the fire and sat for a few minutes, watching Jess as she settled. The heat warmed his bare chest, but he was already hot, and just from watching his delectable wife. He’d never expected her to love this role so much, but she did. And he’d never expected his reserved wife to become so comfortable with her own sexuality, but she had.

A soft sigh told him she was in that place where she’d accepted her place in their play. At his feet, submissive to him. His toy. His sub.

His, period.

He reached into the pocket of his loose flannel pants and pulled out the first of his surprises for her. Nipple clamps, and not just their usual stretchy rings. Clover clamps, which stung like hell. He knew. He’d tried one on himself, and he’d had to bite back the f-bomb. Then again, he hadn’t liked the stretchy rings he used on her, either. He’d tried those too, and no thank you. Jess loved them, though, so he was hoping she’d like these.

He crouched in front of her and bent to take one nipple in his mouth. She sucked in a deep breath but stayed still.  He laved it with his tongue, and then bit down gently with his teeth.


“Not done yet.”  He continued to play, and then got the clamp ready. “Deep breath, kitten.”

When he released the clamp against her nipple, she let out a long, loud groan. “Oh, please, it hurts. Ow, ow, ow.”

He was torn. Remove it, or…?  “Breathe through the pain, love.”

She did, panting, her body trembling, and he reached out to take it off, but then something changed.  Her panic eased, and a red flush spread across her chest.  Then he smelled the sweet scent of her arousal, and relief surged through him.

Right choice.

He gave the same treatment to the other nipple, but this time he didn’t warn her before he put the clamp on. As he released the clamp and it tightened against the hard bud, he stroked a finger between her legs, rubbing her clit.   She cried out. “Oh, God!”

Again, her whole body trembled, but when she’d nearly reached the brink of orgasm, he pulled his hand away.

Her earthy curse split the air.

“Language, kitten,” he admonished teasingly, but he loved that she’d loosened up enough over the past few months to swear out loud.  She’d loosened up enough over the past few months to do a lot more than that.  “We’re nowhere near ready for that yet, are we?”

He’d have loved to see her eyes, but what he could see of her face showed her struggle not to give a smartass remark back and instead give him the only words she knew he wanted to hear.

“No, Sir.”

“Good girl.” He waited a long moment until tension drained from her body.  “How do they feel on your nipples?”

“Tight, Sir. But so good.”  She was blindfolded, but she still dropped her head towards the floor.

“They look incredible. But kind of naked. Maybe this will help.” He stuffed his hand back in his pocket and pulled out a short chain that had a bead on each end.  He draped it over Jess’s shoulder, slithering the metal over her skin, teasing her with it.

She whimpered.

“I’ll take the blindfold off in a minute, but let me take care of this first.”  He flicked the bottom of one clamp with his finger, and Jess sucked in a breath.  “A little sensitive?”

She bit her lip but didn’t answer.  He wanted one, though, so he clipped the beaded chain onto the bottom of the clamp and let it hang.  He knew the weight would tighten the clamp, not much, but enough to count.  And it made a big difference. “Oh God oh God oh God. Alex, please!”

“Please what, kitten?”  He lifted the dangling end and clipped it to her other clamp, and then he tugged lightly on the suspended chain. “Please make it tighter? Please let you come?”

She sniffled.

His gut tightened.  Fuck it. He had to see her face, her whole face.  He started untying the blindfold even as he spoke. “You with me, Jessica?”




Jess blinked as the blindfold came off.   Was she?  God, her nipples hurt more than they’d ever hurt, but they hurt so good. It was like there was a direct line from them right to her core. She was so aroused she could feel the proof of it sliding down the insides of her thighs.

“Yes, Sir. It’s just …” She paused, her throat almost too thick for her to speak. “So much.”

Her sexy husband wiped her cheek with his thumb. She hadn’t even known she was crying. “Jesus, what you do to me.  Are you really okay, kitten?”

“Yeah.” She turned her head into his hand, looking over at him. His color was high, his chest was bare, and his arousal tented the front of his flannel sleep pants. “More than okay.”

He grinned, chasing the concern from his eyes, and then he winked. “Good. I have something else for you.”

Shivers slid down her back. She was pretty sure he didn’t mean a new vacuum cleaner, even though they needed one.  “Thank  you, Sir.”

He stepped away and then she couldn’t see him. She didn’t turn, didn’t leave her spot on the floor. She just waited, and she hoped that pleased him.  One of the parts she loved best about this game was pleasing Alex.  She heard him open the closet door, and she choked on a laugh. Hell, maybe it was a new vacuum.

“Something funny?” His voice was stern now, and she loved that too.

“Just thinking of vacuums, Sir.”

He snorted. “Not quite where I want your head tonight, kitten. Close your eyes for a minute. No peeking. And put your hands out in front of you, palms up, open flat.”

She did as ordered and felt the air move around her as he placed something in them. Something kind of heavy, but since her hands were flat, she couldn’t feel what it was.


Her jaw dropped.  She looked at her lover, her best friend, her husband, her Dom.  “Alex?”

He crouched in front of her and lifted it from her hands.  “It’s a collar. I want you to wear it when we play. Will you do that for me?’

It was black leather, thick, with a buckle on the back and a metal ring on the front. It screamed submissive, and her eyes filled with happy tears.  “Yes, Sir.”

She bowed her head and he looped it around her neck, buckling it so it was snug against her throat, not too tight, but not loose, either. It felt wonderful, and she felt…owned.

He ran a finger around it, and when he got to the ring in the front, he hooked two fingers in it and tugged her close until they were nose to nose. “Mine,” he said roughly, and then he kissed her so sweetly she thought she’d die from it.

“Yes, Sir. Yours.”

He grinned that wicked grin she loved so much and rocked back on his heels.  He reached behind him and picked up two other things.  Were those…

“Wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs.” He deftly put them on, and then he swatted her naked ass once.  “They look good on you.”

The swat made the chain on the nipple clamps move and the clamps themselves tighten, and she yelped, but glanced down at herself.  Yeah, she liked how they looked and felt.

“Time for the rest.  Up on your knees, kitten.  Hands behind your back.”  He held some kind of X-shaped leather thing in his hand.

She moved as directed and sucked in a breath when she felt him clip the thing to one wrist restraint, then the other.

“Arch your back for me.”  His voice was low and demanding, and she never even considered not following his order.  Two more clicks and then a tug.

She tried moving but realized he’d bound her hands and feet together and she couldn’t move much at all.  Panic flitted through her, but his hand on her shoulder steadied her, both physically and mentally.

“Fucking beautiful.”

The timbre of his voice flowed over her, warming her.  “Thank you, Sir.”

He stood over her, walking around her and repositioning her. He widened her knees, then flicked a finger at her clit and at each of her nipples.  He crouched in front of her, teasing her in each spot over and over again until the need to come crashed over her. “Oh, please, Sir.”

He pulled his hand away. Again. “Not yet. I have one more gift for you.”

She gritted her teeth and tried not to scream.




Alex wanted to laugh, but Jessica wasn’t the only one frustrated. He had this one last thing for her, and then he could have her.  Patience, he reminded himself. Worth the wait.

And it was worth it when he lifted the last gift from the table behind the sofa and showed Jess. “Do you like it, kitten?”

Her eyes rounded. It was a flogger made of suede, thick yet flexible, for both sensation play and striking play. They had a small flogger, but this was the real deal. He dragged the fringed ends over Jess’s shoulders, and she shivered. “I asked you a question.”

“I love it, Sir,” she said quickly.  “I, uh, think.”

He laughed at her smart remark. “I hope so. It was expensive.”  He held it over her breasts and dangled the ends over her super-sensitive nipples, and she sucked in air.  “Let’s see if you do like it.”

He moved to her side, and without giving her a chance to think about what was coming, brought it down against her breasts, not lightly, but not too hard.

She jerked. “Oh, God.”

“Is that a good Oh, God, or a bad one?” He could tell without asking—the room smelled like her arousal and pine tree and fire – but he wanted a verbal response.

“Good one,” she panted.

“Good,” he parroted back, and he struck her again.

She gasped and widened her knees, trying to keep her balance.  He flogged her lightly across her stomach, across her breasts, grinning when she started leaning into the blows.  And then she started begging.

“Please, Sir, may I come? Please may I come? Please may I come? Please may I come.”

He kept up the pace, flogging her a few more times, watching the streaks paint across her skin. With her begging litany in his ears, he hesitated for one long moment. “One more strike, kitten. And then I want you to come.”

He angled the flogger differently, striking her between her legs, the ends snapping  against her sensitive, swollen clit. She screamed, her body shuddering with the force of her orgasm.

He pulled her into his arms and held her as she flew, using one hand to unlock her from the hogtied position she’d been in. Gently, he laid her down on the floor and stripped off his pajamas, crawling in between her legs.

“I love you, sweets,” he said, sliding into her pulsing warmth with a groan that came from his toes. She felt so fucking good, his Jessica. Like coming home.

She blinked sleepily and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She opened for him, arching up to meet him thrust for thrust. “I love you too, Alex mine.”

It didn’t take long for him to get there, to fly away locked in his wife’s arms.  When he came back to earth, he rolled off her and pulled her to his side.

She swore long and loud when he removed the nipple clamps, but purred when he soothed the ache with his tongue. She wiggled around, hot and bothered again, and he knew he was in for one hell of a night with his sexy, sweet, sultry wife.

He pulled the pillow under his head and she lay with her head on his chest.  He kissed the top of her head, nuzzling her hair.  “So, who told you about this naughty gift exchange idea? Because I love it.”

He felt her grin against his skin.  “My friend Shari. She and her husband do it.  I love it too. I told her I was going to steal it.”   She nipped his skin with her teeth.  “So, anyway.  I’ll give you a few minutes to recover. Then I’m going to give you my gift.”

He laughed, tucking her tighter against him. “Fair enough. Merry Christmas, kitten.”

“Merry Christmas, Sir.”



A Forbidden Fantasies Christmas, © Jodie Griffin, 2012

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  1. Wow! I can see why it was published. Wonderful! It’s interesting to me how the cover “reads” as much more innocent than the content. I would have pegged it for a standard romance on the shelves, when it’s actually steaming hot erotica. Thanks for the freebie.

    • Thank you, PA! FF is defintely erotic romance! 🙂 I had fun coming up with this short story this week…was fun to play with the characters again!

  2. Well, Jodie. AHEM. LOL I have to say, this isn’t my usual fare, but you do a great job with it. Very nice story, and I liked the caring between them. Thanks for the distraction from the snow 😉


  3. Wow! Very hot! This was a lot of fun to read – you always make it as sweet as it is spicy. Thanks for the “freebie”.

    • Thanks, Linda! It’s like cooking…sweet and spicy go together well! 🙂 And you’re welcome!

  4. Thank you for adding my name to the story 😉 Love all of your stories but especially these two!

    • Thank YOU for sharing such a cool thing with me! I love what it added to the story! 🙂

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