Six Sentence Sunday (On My Own!)

Yes, once again…I’ve forgotten to register for Six Sentence Sunday.  *sigh*  Here’s the real site…very cool place:

Here’s my on-my-own version, from the book I’m currently writing, Forbidden Fire:

“Oh, hell,” Colin muttered under his breath, dropping the boots to the ground.  He reached out and pulled Delia into his arms, making the decision for both of them.  He’d stop if she protested — maybe — but he wasn’t waiting another minute.

His mouth slanted over hers, not gently like a first kiss between new lovers, but with all the passion of someone who’d been away from home too long.  He shuddered as his heart pounded, adrenaline racing through his veins like wildfire.  When he splayed his hands against her back, the ends of her red ponytail brushed across his knuckles, and another shudder ripped through him. 

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7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday (On My Own!)

  1. Love this detail: “the ends of her red ponytail brushed across his knuckles” Makes it feel so real to me:)

  2. Thanks, ladies! 🙂 I’m enjoying writing this book, but they need to get things moving — they’re doing too much dancing around each other, LOL.

  3. Nice, um, action scene! Good description–the ponytail part struck me too.

  4. Thanks, Corrine! And thanks, Linda! LOL, there will be lots more, um, action in this book. 😀

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