Six Sentence Sunday

Online, there’s a fun blog called Six Sentence Sunday ( where authors can post any six sentences from their writings.  Slacker me hasn’t signed up for an official spot yet, but thought I’d share my own six sentences from Forbidden Fantasies anyway.

She picked up book after book, looking at the covers and reading the backs, but nothing caught her attention. She was kneeling on the floor, surrounded by possible choices, when she found it on the bottom shelf. The cover drew her attention first. It showcased a hazy photograph of a wrought iron four-poster bed with plush white bed linens, rumpled as if someone had just woken and stepped out of the room. A silky black scarf, tied in a knot like a blindfold, lay at the foot of the bed. Men’s ties were looped around each of the four posts.

And those are my six sentences for today. If you follow me on twitter (@Jodie_Griffin) you might find some other sentences from my Carina Press book coming out in November, Forbidden Desires, or the one I’m writing now, tentatively titled Forbidden Fire.  I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of them as I write/edit.

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  1. Love your choice. I’ve seen several author friends participating but I haven’t blogged in awhile. Hopefully I can get our WM blog going and I can be a more productive participant. 😉

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