Cover Reveal, Forbidden Obsessions!

Forbidden Obsessions finalWell, here it is! The cover for Forbidden Obsessions!  I think they hit the tone of the story perfectly – there’s a desperate need on both Gabe’s and Olivia’s faces, and it’s something I hope my readers see as they read their story.  There is a *lot* of tension in this book, and the fact that the characters on the cover aren’t actually kissing lends itself well to that — there’s a lot of “almost” kissing in Obsessions! 😀

And if you’d like a preview of this book, you can read the first chapter here!

So…what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Forbidden Obsessions!

  1. I loved the excerpt. I haven’t read a lot of BDSM, but the first chapter and the characters have me hooked.

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