A Picture of Us at Work

Was challenged this morning by fellow Carina Press author David Bridger to show a pic of ourselves at work, or in our favorite place to work. I don’t have an actual office (and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll hear me moan and groan about that often.) I write in a butt-ugly cranberry swivel rocker reminiscent of the orange one from my mother’s house when I was a kid. That’s a folded-up Perry the Platypus blanket behind me. No cats, though…hmmmm. Sometimes I have one on the chair with me, right behind my head.

Writer At...Work?


Here’s David Bridger, Toni Anderson, Cindy Spencer Pape, and a cool video from Christine d’Abo.  Enjoy!

If you’re a writer, where do you like to write? If you’re a reader, what’s your favorite reading spot?




10 thoughts on “A Picture of Us at Work

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  2. Since I sto- er… borrowed my husband’s pad I can write anywhere, but I love writing at restaurants. I don’t have to get up to refill my drink and there’s lots of people watching for inspiration.

    • LOL, Linda! Don’t you know that what’s theirs is ours, and what’s ours is ours? I love people watching, too…great character study!

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  4. Love the table thing you’ve got there. 🙂 And lovely foto of course.

    I write in bed. And then I move to a couch. And then sometimes I move to a desk. One thing I try to do is get up every hour or so and move around a bit. Unless I’m in the groove; then I say, ‘To hell with my back!’…


    • Oh, thank you, Sadey! I’m with you on that…I move from the chair (although that’s where I do most of my writing) to bed to couch. No desk, though…too much like work!!

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